Aluminized Steel

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At Zeeco Metals, Inc., we have the expertise and experience to handle supplying customers with slit steel coils. Our machining procedures involve slitting steel coils to the specified width, gauge, and hardness needed for your applications. We can work on a wide array of flat-rolled carbon steels, including hot-rolled pickled and oiled, cold-rolled, galvanized, aluminized, and more!

Aluminized steel retains the strength of the original steel with the added benefits found from an aluminum coating such as improved surface qualities, greater corrosion, and high-temperature resistances. An aluminized steel coil is the product of hot-dipping a coil in either an aluminum-silicon alloy or pure aluminum. This process is called hot-dip aluminizing, which gives the material better surface properties comparable to the more expensive stainless steel.

Advantages Of Aluminized Steel

Using aluminized steel provides numerous benefits, including:

Corrosion Protection

Aluminized steel has a naturally high capacity to combat corrosion from direct chemical attacks and electrochemical reactions.

Compatibility With Other Metals

Aluminized steel is compatible with other metals because of its anodic properties and poses little risk of galvanic corrosion.

Lower Cost

Aluminized steel can provide the same benefits at a discount compared to stainless steel.

Resistance To High Temperatures

Type 1 aluminized steel is resistant to heat and oxidation up to 704°C. As a result, it is less likely to deform under extreme heat conditions.

Excellent Heat Reflectivity

The protective layer of aluminum makes it a good conductor of high temperatures, and aluminized steel can conduct heat four times better than uncoated steel.

Applications Of Aluminized Steel

Aluminized steel is frequently used in high-temperature and corrosion-resistant applications, such as

HVAC Components and Units

All HVAC components must be resistant to water damage and corrosive liquids, which prompts the HVAC industry to use aluminum steel products frequently.

Industrial Pipes

Aluminized metal pipes are suitable for piping systems regularly subjected to high temperatures.

Automotive Parts

Aluminum-coated steel is used in many automobile parts and components, including engine parts, mufflers, air conditioner condensers, and pipes.

Kitchen Applications

Ranges, burners, pots, and pans have an aluminum-silicon coating that does not affect food’s flavor when heated or cooked. The aluminum coating also prevents them from rusting and increases their durability.

Industrial Kilns and Drying Ovens

Aluminized steel can withstand high temperatures, which makes it the ideal material for industrial kilns and drying ovens. In addition, the ovens’ components and internal parts, such as motors and heating elements, are mostly made from aluminized steel.

Aluminized Steel Coil Slitting

Aluminized steel coil slitting involves feeding steel coils through a slitter head with high-precision sharp blades to cut the steel to a specified width. An extensive amount of force is applied to the steel. Some aluminum grades slit efficiently; others are more challenging to slit.

The aluminized steel is placed under a set of rotary knives for the slitting process. These sharp edges are set to cut based on the desired project specifications.

Our team of metal experts at Zeeco Metals, Inc. performs extensive quality assurance of the slit materials to get proper clearance ensuring the highest quality slit edges and adherence to width tolerances. Our slitting capabilities allow us to process aluminized steel or other carbon-based steels to suit various applications required on any project.

Zeeco Metals Inc.’s Steel Slitting Capabilities

For nearly 50 years, Zeeco Metals Inc. has been providing high-quality slitting services on various flat-rolled carbon steel materials at a competitive price. We take pride in our fast turnaround, accuracy, precision, and high-quality workmanship.

Listed below are our steel slitting capabilities:

  • Two 25 in. slitters in-house with larger slitters at outside processors
  • Material Thickness: 0.01/0.250
  • Min/Max Slit width: 0.2 in. – 25 in. in-house, larger widths at outside processors
  • Min/Max ID: 20 in.
  • Slit Width Tolerance: 0.005 in

All coils are available in the following grades, depending on the current inventory:

  • CS (CQ): Commercial Steel: Types A, B, and C
  • DS (DQ) or FS: Drawing Steel or Forming Steel (Coated Products): Types A and B
  • DDS (DDQ): Deep Drawing Steel
  • EDDS (IF): Extra Deep Drawing Steel
  • HSLAS: High Strength Low Alloy Steels: HSLAS Grade 50-80 and HSLAS-F 50-80
  • C1006, C1008, C1010
  • Half Hard
  • Quarter Hard

Work With Zeeco Metals, Inc. For Your Steel Slitting Needs

Our highest quality standards for our products and services have enabled Zeeco Metals to establish itself as a dependable ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of slitted steel coil products to OEMs nationwide. Our team of experienced sales representatives and trained operators work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the best results for our valued customers.

Contact us today for more information, questions, or inquiries about how we can help you with your steel coil needs.