Galvanneal & Electrogalvanized Steel

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With almost 50 years of expertise as galvanized steel coil suppliers, Zeeco Metals is your go-to shop for coated steel products and services. We stock and supply high-quality galvanneal and electrogalvanized steel coils that are durable, damage-resistant, and long-lasting. With two 25” slitters in house and access to larger slitters at other facilities ,Zeeco Metals specializes in narrow slitting with the capability to slit coil as thin as .5”.

Zeeco Metals offers galvanneal and electrogalvanized steel in the following grades:

  • CS (CQ): Commercial Steel: Types A, B, and C
  • DS (DQ) or FS: Drawing Steel or Forming Steel: Types A and B
  • DDS (DDQ): Deep Drawing Steel
  • EDDS (IF): Extra Deep Drawing Steel
  • HSLAS: High Strength Low Alloy Steels: HSLAS Grade 50-80 and HSLAS-F 50-80
  • C1006, C1008, C1010
  • Half Hard
  • Quarter Hard

Galvanneal Steel Coil Suppliers

Galvanneal steel is a type of sacrificial coating that ensures the protection and longevity of the steel underneath it. After the steel is hot-dip galvanized, it passes through an annealing furnace to form a zinc-iron layer on top of the steel. In this process, the melted iron rises to the surface and infuses with the liquid zinc.

As one of the most trusted names in the flat rolled steel coil industry, Zeeco Metals carries an extensive range of coated steel products that match multiple unique specifications. As a result, we guarantee high quality and high standards at competitive prices.

Galvanneal Steel vs. Galvanized Steel

Both galvanneal and galvanized steel offer a high degree of resistance from external damages. They are zinc coated, and both are passed through a hot dip coating process. Galvanneal steel requires an additional annealing process, which induces diffusion alloying between the molten zinc coating and the steel. This extra process improves the formability and paint adhesion of the galvanneal steel but leaves it with a duller matte surface than the glittering finish achieved with just hot dipped galvanized steel.

Zeeco Metals is an expert in slitting durable, corrosion-resistant, and cost-effective galvannealed and galvanized steel products suitable for various applications.

Properties, Benefits, And Applications

Galvanneal Steel

Galvanneal steel properties include three zinc-iron layers and a flat gray, matted finish.

Its advantages include:

  • Longevity (it can last up to 50 years in urban settings).
  • Strong paint adhesion for better appearances.
  • Being very formable and weldable.
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures

Galvanneal steel applications include spot welding, automotive parts and equipment, transport manufacturing, household appliances, and construction.

Galvanized Steel

The properties of galvanized steel include one zinc-iron layer and corrosion resistance up to 100 times better than uncoated steel.

The benefits include:

  • Self-maintaining and requires little to no maintenance
  • It can last up to 20 years in urban settings

Galvanized steel is used in many applications such as agricultural equipment, automotive frames, construction, and phone wiring and boxes.

Electrogalvanized Steel Coil Suppliers

Through electrogalvanizing, a layer of zinc is electroplated on top of the steel, offering a uniform protective layer. The coating gives the product a smooth matte appearance and enhances strength and corrosion resistance. Electrogalvanized steel is an attractive and economical option that provides a beautiful and uniform zinc coating.

At Zeeco Metals, our electrogalvanized steel products are slit with acute attention to detail and keep up with ASTM standards. Through our processes, we slit electrogalvanized steel products that are sure to match your needs and expectations.

Properties, Benefits, And Applications

The properties of electrogalvanized steel include an abrasion-resistant layer, thinner and uniform zinc coating, and it is well-suited for indoor use.

Electrogalvanized steel has the following advantages:

  • Formable and slightly bendable
  • Appropriate for deep drawing
  • Thickness control

Its popular applications include furniture, automotive, electronic parts, electrical equipment, fences, doors, grids, and other small component requirements.

Need Galvannealed Or Galvanized Steel? Get Them From The Experts!

Supplying multiple regions in the United States, Zeeco Metals is one of the most trusted galvannealed and galvanized steel suppliers in the country. We are ISO-certified and dedicated to providing coated steel products that have been slit to the size you require..

Choose Zeeco Metals for your next project for guaranteed fast turnaround time, durable products, and cost-effective prices. Contact us for a quote or to learn more about our services.